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Tiki Torch - Propane, Natural Gas and Oil, which one is right for you?

Tiki torch - there are any number of ways you may be looking to buy one of these torches online: deck torches, patio torches or just torches.

Still, the tiki style torch is unique, and under any name offers great options in transforming the mood and atmosphere of an outdoor space. Take for instance, scattering a number of tiki style torches throughout your garden to highlight your favorite garden plants. The glow of the tikis provides a great effect to tropical foliage plants. For a tropical themed party, very popular, a tiki style torch cannot be beat! You can place these around a table of food to accent the area or place torches along side an entryway or garden path for effect and added safety.

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Gas, propane and oil torches

You can buy Tiki décor online. Torches are sold individually or as a set or pack. There are many tiki choices and fuel options available: paraffin oil, citronella oil, propane, and natural gas.

  • Tiki natural gas torch - if you are looking for a permanent torch (one that stays put) natural gas options are a good choice; with certain torch models deluxe features such as remote control offer you the option to fire up the property without having to leave the house.
  • Tiki propane torches - offer a nice option for both longer burning times (then oil tikis) and portability.
  • Oil torches - offer you a nice choice and are less expensive than the gas style torches. Of course, burning times are less but then again you won't have to worry about covering a big old propane tank next to your torch. You can use citronella oil, which will keep the mosquitoes away or paraffin oil, which burns without getting smokey.

Need Oil for your Torch?

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  • Gelflame Fuel - burns odorless, and smoke-free
  • Liquid Paraffin with Citronella - 1 gallon or 32oz

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